About Us

Establish Genesis

EPF Hobby was established in January 2004.  The name EPF is in fact an abbreviation of “Electric Powered Fighter”.
As the name suggests, the company primary focus is on Electric powered, scale  Radio Controlled fighters.
EPF Hobby was officially registered with the Economic Department in February 2005.
Initial business of the company were trading and retailing off-the-shelf products to have an appreciation of the R/C market.
In August 2006, EPF Hobby designed and developed our first Electric-powered scale fight, the F-14 Tomcat.


The Design Philosoph

EPF Hobby‘s 3 main design philosophy are
1.       Quality Scale Details
2.       Retaining Scale Airframe Proportions
3.       Easy to fly


Quality Scale Details

The scale details of the plane is not easy to replicate onto an electric powered plane as there are specific electric powerplant limitations and considerations to be considered in designing the plane.  The end product must, not only look as scale as a static model plane that is good enough for display  but also have the functionalities of full R/C plane that fly as well as it looks.


Retaining Scale Airframe Proportions

Electric powered jet fighters, traditionally were unable to achieve scale proportions equal to that of propeller planes.
Retaining scale airframe proportions has always been a challenge for R/C designer, especially for designing electric jet fighters.
Through 3D rendering and scaling, EPF hobby has successfully captured, not only the finer details  but also the scaled airframe that is undeniably a working replica of the real fighter.


Easy to Fly

To improve R/C jet fighter realism, adoption of ducted fan is necessary. However ducted fan is less efficient compared to pusher propellers.
To eliminate this short coming, EPF Hobby uses virtual wind tunnel and 3D rendering to design the airframe, achieving a scale airframe that is stable, has a wide speed range and possesses no nasty characteristic, in other words, easy to fly.



With the rapid development and mass production of R/C accessories such as rc electronics and power-packs, R/C hobby has become widely affordable to all level of society, now everyone can fly.  EPF Hobby strives to make R/C even more affordable to the general public, through the 3 design philosophy. We joined the market with the house brand: EPF hobby.  EPF Hobby primary products are high quality big electric fighters that would satisfy all market demands.


Research and development

The two founders of EPF hobby have more than 10 years of experience in 3D modeling and plastic molding.  With this background support, we are able to bring molding standard to the highest standards.  All  company products are designed using  CAD/CAE/CAM software.  With these software, very high level of precision is adopted and applied.  With extensive technical experience in the industry, we are able to innovate in the usage of material and methodology of production, with these, our company applied several copyrights and patent for our innovative products.  We believe the only way to be a leader in this market is to be INNOVATIVE…


The future

EPF Hobby has successfully started a new chapter in Radio Controlled hobby.  With pluralism, specialized, globalisation  in mind, the Primary Vision of the company is to produce  highest quality products demanded by the market.
1.       Continue to develop high quality RC products to maintain market growth.
2.       Combined with the matured technology in IC industries, to design and produce more new products, and to improve the existing product.
3.       Further the search of new materials and new technologies, to improve quality of  products further.