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Mercury 90mm 1900KV-CCW(6~7Li-Po)

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Product: D90101 MERCURY 90mm KV1900-CCW(6~7Li-Po))


Specification Drawing:


Thrust Curve.:
 3.5kg(7.7 lbs) at 6S Li-PO
 Instructions: Specification: 

1.Turbo Innercooling System let Motor down to room temperature within 15~20 seconds half throttle.

2.60000RPM Hight Speed Dynamitic Motor and Fan balance adjustment 

3.High Precision CNC Cutting Rotator and Fan.

4.The 12 fan blade is the first in the world to use high tensile aluminum alloy.

5.All Alloy Design

6.Optimized Air Flow.

7.The first EDF with Motor Shaft Cooling system Inside in the world.

8.Direction of rotation:Counterclockwise


HobbyKing L-59

HK 90mm BAE

FW EF2000

EF2000 and Mirage2000 


panther maiden

Twin Mercuy 90mm 1900kv(6s version)


FW F-16

●Max Current: 95A

●Max Thrust: 3.5 kg at 6S 5200mah

●Duct Inside diameter: Φ90mm
●Total Weight:440g(approx.)


1.Mercury 90A 6S All Alloy EDF  X1

2.Mounting Screw X4

3.Install Manual x1


ZTW LED Program Card

ZTW LED Program Card

Mercury 90mm 1900KV-CCW(6~7Li-Po)
Mercury 90mm 1900KV-CCW(6~7Li-Po)
Mercury 90mm 1900KV-CCW(6~7Li-Po)

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User Comment

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-01-11 13:46:20 )

    Thanks you Sir.
    It is great flight.

  • Anonymous user ( 2014-04-28 20:13:10 )
    how many poles does motor have? what timing should ESC be programmed to? Thank you.

    It is 8 poles.
    Please setup "Low" or "2~3 degree" on your ESC.

  • Anonymous user ( 2014-04-21 12:06:20 )
    I bought this EDF for my BEA Hawk and use the open duct method. Is it necesarry to use a intake ring which is generally recommended when using the open duct method for this EDF?

    Please do not use intake ring in front of the Duct,It limit to the air into the EDF.
    The larger space is good in front of EDF.


  • Anonymous user ( 2014-03-28 22:06:45 )
    im using tha one i got from epf 150 amps ztw on 6s 6000 mamps 65-`135 c

    Dear Sir

    Yes,we knew that you get the low thrust,but most of the parts is different,and the test stand is can find more videos on youtube.
    They got the good thrust.

  • lucamabru ( 2014-03-10 18:30:22 )
    why my 90mm just give me 3000 grams of thrust im using a 4000mhamps 65c 6s can u tall me

    What is ESC do you use?

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